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 Now open  4 days a week, mondays at 11am, and  kids at 6pm, adults at 7, closed tuesdays, wednessday kids at 6pm, adults 7. thurs, 11 am  adults, and 7pm adults. fridays kids at 6pm. closed sat and sun, tuesday.



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John Lammons

Instructor Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu


Meet John Lammons. Father, Entreprenuer and lifelong student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is the owner and head coach here at ANACONDA Training Center. John has a great passion for the sport and has a direct training lineage to the famous UFC Star, Royce Gracie. John started his BJJ career in 1995 and trained under  blackbelt Tony Torres Aponte in the beginning, who received his belt from Royce Gracie. All of the techniques John employes and teaches are directly from Royce Gracie himself.

Helio Gracie --> Royce Gracie --Tony Torres Aponte > John Lammons , now directly training under Royce since 2012

John opened and operated his first gym named "Jungle Gym" in Costa Rica in 2008. That venture was a success until moving back to Galveston in 2012. At that point John saw a need for a training center in Galveston and his passion for BJJ lead him to open up ANACONDA Training Center. He has fought in Vale Tudo and brings over  twenty -five years of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu  experience to every class.

John Lammons, 1996 Winner!
1997 Torrance Academy with Rorion
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